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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

WIP: M16 mgmc part 2

Here is part 2 of my model the painting and weathering stage
Here is the model after i sprayed the main paint coat with tamiya olive drab.

My model after i sprayed a lightened coat of olive drab. (tamiya olive drab+flat white)

Here i painted the tools, the radio and the spare barrels in the bed, you can also see the lightened panels as well
Here is my stencils masked up over mig productions absolute chipping fluid ready for paint.
This is after i removed the stencils, i am pleased how they turned out being my first time using them.

This is the effect of the chipping after my first attempt at using it.

Here is a picture of the semi finished guns, as you can see i still have to give the ammo cans another coat of paint.

Over the next couple of weeks i will be making the small details and painting them, i will also be weathering the model, and making the base for the diorama.

Comments are welcome.

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