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Saturday, 10 May 2014


 Here we have a US.SELF-PROPELLED HOWITZER M109A6 PALADIN which was modeled by myself, this is a tamiya kit with a few aftermarket parts as well and some very good weathering products by MIG PRODUCTIONS.
 The camo nett is from a pack of oranges cut to length then rolled up and painted, the cable is made of electrical wire and painted a steal color.

The stowage is from various legend productions kits and painted in various dessert camo colors.

The weathering is done a few oil paints (mainly white) to highlight certain areas, the pin wash is with mig productions dark wash and the mig pigments i used are gulf war sand, light sand.

The water and MRE boxes are strapped together with tamiya tape and painted to look like a stowage nett

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  1. Hi Dan my dad got me a Paladin for my birthday last week which i asked for after seeing your's, i hope mine comes out as well as your's. I think i might do something like what you have done i hope you don't mind, although i will be painting mine with a brush as i have not got into spraying yet. Really like what you do and i hope i get as good as you one day. Jake from Dublin