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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weathering M16 MGMC: WIP

This is the first stage of my weathering process, for this i used winsor & newton oil paints (Green, White and Yellow)
Here is the main color for lighting the bonnet and front wings which is green mixed with a bit of white and applied in the oil dot method.   

Here is the oil dot method with green and yellow.

This is the result of the oil dot method using Humbrol thinner, which has the excess taken of the brush with a tissue and then dry brushed over the oil paint.  

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Here are some pics of my current diorama which involves a M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage and a few small items from tamiya, the bike is from the new italeri d-day set which consists of 2 bikes and 2 men.

 Here is the effect of using mig productions mud (Europe wet mud) which you can apply using a brush or a spatula 

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Friday, 6 June 2014


Here is my aavp7a1 which i enjoyed making, to make this model i used a couple of aftermarket sets and a few other pieces which i had in my spares box.
This is a tamiya kit and the armour is an aftermarket set which is not supplied in the tamiya kit i bought.

The various stowage is from a legend production set and spares, the sniper rifle is from live resin.  

The weathering is with my usual prethera of mig productions pigments (gulf war sand)

Here is a view of the inside which is made from an aftermarket stryker interior set from blackdog.

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