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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Humvee Diorama

Here we have my first diorama, for this i used bronco models m1114 Humvee, live resin figure, blackdog figure, legend productions figure,various stowage accessories and various diorama accessories.   

The idea was to base it on a recon mission in a foreign jungle.

The stowage is from various sets which i have brout. 

The left soldier is from live resin and is a fantastic piece which can also have various accessories attached to it as well

The various weathering parts on the humvee are from mig productions.

The various products on this diorama are from treemendus and woodland scenics, the puddle is made from woodland scenics waterfall kit witch i first painted a mud color then i poured the scenic water over the desired area and let set to a transparent color.  

Comments are welcome.

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