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Thursday, 29 May 2014


Here is a sample of my model airplanes which i started making before the armour models and occasionally do still make them.

                                                              F16 AGGRESSOR

                                                                  F15 RA'AM Israeli


                                                            F18 DIAMONDBACKS



  1. Modeling is a Hobie that i like doing in my spare time which is at the weekends when I'm not working.

    Comments are welcome

  2. Hi Dan this is th first time i have looked at your blog, I too am a modeler and my models are all aircraft. Being ex RAF and now retired and have more time to model i am looking for new models to make. Really like the aircraft you have made, a lot of work gone into them i can see. nice F18 well done great work with the panels open and the wings folded, great paint job and markings. Like the Skyraider too might have to do one of them myself. Will keep looking to see if you put anymore on. Nice blog have put you in my favorites folder keep modelling George York.