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Monday, 1 December 2014



Here is model no 2 of 4 which is a sd.kfz.10/4 fur 2cm flack 30 with anhanger trailer . This is going to be a simple model which is going to be sat on a cobble road somewhere in france.

This shows the dash bord area, the engine and the drive box for the front sprockets.

Here is the half finnished bed sat on the back to show the size of the vehicle.


Here is an update from my weekends work on the flak 30.

The main gun without the shields.

Here it is with the shields and ready for paint.


Here is the flak 30 all painted and is now being prepaird for the weathering process.

I have changed the front slightly from previous post by adding the ramps and the wepons racks on the top of the front wheel arches


Here is the diorama scene i am using for this model and also the ammo trailer which is going to be used.

Ammo trailor


I painted the bricks with tamiya dark grey.

I then painted the plaster in tamiya light grey along with the coble stones.

The next two pictures show MIG PRODUCTIONS (industrial city dirt) pigments applied to the road wheels an running gear, these are fixed on with there pigment fixer 


Due to a busy easter weekend i only managed to get a couple of hours in over a couple of days and here is the result.

Here i have used a method called dry brushing which i have only used a handful of times and i am pleased with the way it has turned out, for the very light parts i used tamiya flat white on a paint brush and wiped most of the paint of the brush onto a paper towel and then apply it to the ares of your desire.

Here is a small collection of germanstowage which i am going to use on the model.

Thease are the tracks in the kit which you have to make, this is just a start.

Here is the stowage which has been added to he model with a couple of extra bits which i added to the trailer, which were lucky enough to arrive in the post that very morning from a company called


This is the effect of the MIG PRODUCTIONS (NEUTRAL WASH) which was painted all over the coble stones and the paths, after i let it dry for about 10 minuets i wiped a paper towl over the area to remove the excess of the wash.

Here is my atempt to replicate a couple of the value gear crates.

My two creates are in the middle which i am surprised at how they have turned out considering that they are my first atempt.

                                         Final assembly stages

It is now on to the home strate with the tracks all assembled and painted, the figures and various greenary, telagraph pole

These two pics show the fully functioning track before painting.

These are the german artilary figures from tamiya, at this stage i am looking at different ideas to place them around the diorama.

This is as far i got with the painting for the moment, the bits sticking out of 3 of the men is excess sprue to hold while painting.

The next step is to touch in all the little bits on the uniform's.

While painting the german figures i decided to add to american soldiers to the scene, the left one is holding a m1 bazooka, the right one is loading the ammo for the bazooka. These two will be situated behind the wall ready to ambush the flak gun.



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