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Saturday, 12 July 2014


Here we have my latest diorama with a m16 multiple gun mortor carriage from dragon, a motorbike from the new italare d-day kit, various figures and weapons from my spares collection, the sand bags are from tamiya, the tree is from my garden, the mud is from mig productions wet mud collection, the autum foliage is from woodland scenics, the captured nazi flag is from milliput made by myself, the paint used for this diorama is all from tamiya.

Here is the and mortor nest souround by sand bags.

In the drum for the fire is a captured nazi flag and some pieces of burnt wood, in the bushes are a few captured german weapons, the guy on the right is examining a german lugar which he aquired.

The guy on the motorbike is delivering some new orders to the gun crew, up against the tree is an american flame-thrower, resting on the bonnet of the truck is a sniper rifle ready for those inportant shots.

The stowage is from my collection, straped to the back is a tripode for the guns that are stowed inside the main gun compartment.

As you can see in this picture from the amount of mud weathering i did to try and capture the vehicle has been travaling through muddy fields.

This has been a fantastic diorama to make and thouraly enjoyable

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  1. Sorry for the lack of update to my blog, had a couple of busy weeks and i finished my diorama inbetween jobs.